Businesses in HCMC ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Businesses in HCMC ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0 - ảnh 1 New technology is used to operate the municipal electricity system at HCMC Power Corporation. (Photo: Cao Thang/

The International Cosmetics Company, ICC, has more than 40 years of experience in producing toothpaste, washing-powder, and detergent. The company began its technological revolution 5 years ago. As a result, the company’s productivity has tripled while the number of workers has decreased by one-third.

In the past, the company needed 20 workers to produce 4,000 toothpaste tubes an hour but now it requires only 4 workers. Two years ago, ICC spent 2 million USD on an automatic toothpaste production assembly line from Europe. This has helped the company not only increase productivity, but also improve product quality.

Trinh Thanh Nhon, ICC’s Director General, said: “I was worried very much about spending such a huge amount of money. But thanks to the investment, our product quality has much improved and we have gained the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate issued by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority. The certificate has helped us win SaiGon-Coop’s order to manufacture a private label for SaiGon-Coop.”

As for Vinamit Joint Stock Company, one of Vietnam’s leading dried fruit producers, the 4th Industrial Revolution offers an opportunity to apply biotechnologies to turn out more qualified products.

Vinamit has applied bacteria technology in improving cultivated soil to grow fruits, thus helping it detoxify the soil, create an immune system for the plants to resist pestilent insects, and produce qualified fruits. It has also applied post-harvest processing bio-technology and freeze drying technology to make new products, which have been exported to 14 countries, in particular China and the US.

Nguyen Lam Vien, Vinamit’s Director General, said: “We have applied biotechnology in production. As result, the natural flavor, color, and taste of our products can be retained. I think we have been successful.”

In addition to manufacturers, several trade and service enterprises have prepared for integration. Established 5 years ago, Sen Do Joint Stock Company has enjoyed an annual sales growth of 30% thanks to its e-commerce channel at It has worked with Google and Facebook to optimize digital marketing for shores.

Nguyen Thi Hanh, Sendo’s Director in charge of external relations, said: “ has run digital marketing on Google or Facebook and do it on a larger scale and in a more professional and optimal style to meet consumers’ demands.”